How to Unlock the Thule Roof Rack Without a Key | Different Methods Explained

Are you want to know how to unlock the Thule roof rack without a Key for emergency cases? Thule roof racks are an economical and practical option to transport heavy and large objects atop an auto. Many cars come equipped with factory-installed Thule roof racks as an available choice. 

Even when you are supposed to secure the keys to unlock the Thule roof racks when you buy the car, you may be informed that the keys are missing or lost. Removing a thule roof rack might be a little troublesome if you don’t have or can’t find the keys. Here we will guide you through unlocking a Thule Roof Rack without a key.

How To Unlock Thule Roof Rack Without Key

Unlocking your Thule roof rack without a key can be challenging, especially if you are in a hurry. The good news is that there are several methods you can use to unlock the Thule roof rack without a key. These methods include using different tools and techniques to open the lock mechanism.

How to Unlock the Thule Roof Rack without a Key | Different Methods Explained

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How To Remove Thule Roof Racks

Various methods can be used without a key to unlock a roof rack.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to use your Thule roof rack but can’t find the key? Fear not; it is easy to unlock the T-bar without it. The T-bar is a crucial component of any Thule roof rack, and unlocking it requires some knowledge and finesse.

  • Taking off the top of a Thule roof rack might seem daunting, but it couldn’t be easier with the T-bar method. The T-bar is in front of the front seat, and taking advantage of it will make removing the top a breeze. 
  • Pull out the T-bar and place it on top of the roof rack. Once you have done that, you’re ready to use your Thule key. 
  • The handle on the T-bar houses your Thule key, which you’ll need to unlock the roof rack from your car. Inserting the key into its designated slot and turning it clockwise will ensure that everything is secure before proceeding with removal. With this step completed, lift on the Thule key to open up and remove the top section of your roof rack.
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Power Drill and Metal Bits

If you’ve ever lost the key to your Thule roof rack, you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry about a power drill and metal bits. You can unlock your Thule roof rack in no time. Here’s how:

  • You’ll need to utilize a measuring tape to measure the length of your roof. 
  • You’ll want to locate the middle of the roof’s top and the halfway point of each side. 
  • You should ensure that your roof rack won’t be too long or too short. It might help with applying a power drill and bit to aid with loosening the bolt holding your Thule roof rack on. 
  • Make certain the bolt is loosened before detaching. The bolt can also be disengaged by loosening the bolt.

Philips Head Screwdriver:

If you’re an avid adventurer who likes to travel with a roof rack, you know how frustrating it can be to lose your keys. Luckily, there is a way to unlock your Thule roof rack without a key by using a simple tool called a Philips head screwdriver.

Remove the roof rack from the roof rack box by opening the roof-rack box. Unlock the roof rack and remove it from the roof by removing the screws. You can do this using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the existing roof rack assembly. Install a new roof rack to the vehicle by following the above directions in reverse order.

Paper Clip

Here’s one way to unlock the Thule roof rack with a paper clip: You’ll need a paper clip and a flat-head screwdriver. Attach the paper clip to the hole in the keyhole. The pressure on the keyhole will release the lock. Then, you have to push the windshield with a flat-head screwdriver. Voila! The lock unlocks, and your rack will be open so that you can mount your things.

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Once successfully releasing the lock, you must urge the wave up with a flathead screwdriver. It will help remove the lock so your Thule roof rack can be fully opened. It’s important to note that this method should only be used if you have lost or misplaced your key, as forcing open a locked Thule roof rack could lead to damage or breakage.

Hex Wrench

If you’ve ever misplaced the key to your Thule roof rack, you know how frustrating it can be. However, with just a hex wrench and a little patience, you can easily unlock your Thule roof rack without needing a key. It might seem like an unorthodox solution for unlocking a roof rack, but a hex wrench is ideal. The rubber-coated metal key with a Thule rack will open the lock, but it doesn’t give you leverage for completing a task. 

The hex key will provide you with the control you require, and you can use it with the key that approaches the cylinder with the unit. The best way to break the screw open involves the hex functionality tool going in the keyhole as though you intended to turn it to unlock the lock and then perform pressure on its finish with your palm. It should be enough to tighten the Racing on edge.

Brute Force Method

The Thule roof rack is a popular accessory for many car owners. It’s great for carrying all cargo, from bicycles to luggage. But what do you do if you’ve lost the key to your Thule roof rack? Don’t panic! A brute force method can help you unlock your Thule roof rack without a key.

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You can try a brute force method if you are confident that your Thule rack is securely locked and fastened. It seems a little silly, but here it is: Get a large sledgehammer and hit the end of the crossbar right where it goes into the car’s base. You don’t have to hit it hard; just hit it enough so that the middle of the car loosens up.

Find a place to park your vehicle and attempt to move the bar. If it pulls, you have it. If it does not move, come back the next opportunity, etc. Be careful not to hit any objects in the car with soft material, including your vehicle, if you miss with the hammer!

Cable Ties

Cable ties are often overlooked but are surprisingly versatile and useful in many situations. One such situation is when you need to unlock a Thule roof rack without a key. It can happen if you have lost your key or if it has broken off in the lock. Fortunately, cable ties can come to the rescue.

You can use heat to heat them and make the job easier. Just be sure not to overheat or damage the plastic. Heated plastic will return to its original shape when it cools, so you must reheat it multiple times. Cable ties will warm when used, allowing them to become more flexible.


Several methods can be used to learn how to unlock the thule roof rack without a key. Some people may find that using a screwdriver or a tool from their garage is the easiest way to go, while others may prefer to use a code or an electronic key. Regardless of the method used, it is important to remember to keep your key safe and secure, as it could make unlocking your roof rack much easier in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I remove the key from my Thule roof rack?

There are a few methods for removing thule roof racks. One way is to use a key ring remover. Another way is to use a small Phillips head screwdriver. Another way is to use a tire lever.

How do I know if my Thule roof rack is unlocked?

You can use the Thule key fob or the manual key to check if your Thule roof rack is unlocked. If the rack is not unlocked, you must use the key to unlock it.