How to Change Mileage on a Car | Follow These Simple 4 Steps

Properly maintaining a car is an essential part of ownership. One crucial factor to consider is the car’s mileage. Knowing how to change it accurately can be complicated and time-consuming, but it can be made much easier with the proper knowledge and resources. 

This article will provide comprehensive knowledge about how to change mileage on a car, from verifying the initial reading to recording the new task.

Special Instruction:

We do not provide any guidance, advice, or information on how to break the law. We are covering legal ways to change vehicle mileage.

How to Change Mileage on a Car

Changing the mileage on a car can be daunting, and it is crucial to understand that this practice is illegal. Tampering with the odometer or manipulating the mileage to increase a car’s resale value constitutes fraud. There are situations where changing mileage becomes necessary. For instance, when replacing an old engine with a new one or correcting errors made during past repairs. 
Here are four steps you can follow if you need to change the mileage on your car.

Step 1 

Changing the mileage on a car is a severe offense that can lead to legal consequences.
There are situations where you may need to change the odometer readings on your vehicle. For instance, when you replace the instrument cluster or engine, the new parts come with tasks that do not match your car’s mileage. 
In such cases, it is essential to reset or recalibrate your odometer to reflect accurate readings. 

One of the most effective ways of changing the mileage on a car is by replacing its computer chip. The chip controls various functions in your vehicle’s electronic system, including the odometer readings. This method requires technical expertise and specialized equipment to remove and reprogram the chip accurately. 
If you lack these skills and tools, you should seek assistance from an experienced mechanic who can help you accurately reset or recalibrate your odometer.

How to Change Mileage on a Car

Can we roll back mileage on a digital odometer?

Now a days, digital odometers have become increasingly popular in the automotive industry. Unlike older mechanical odometers, digital odometers are more accurate and reliable. Rolling back the mileage on a digital odometer is possible. It is commonly known as “odometer fraud” and can be challenging to detect.

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Rolling back mileage on a digital odometer involves manipulating the internal software of the vehicle’s computer system. It can be done through the use of specialized equipment or by hacking into the vehicle’s onboard computer system. Once the mileage has been rolled back, it may appear that the vehicle has traveled fewer miles than it has.

It is important to note that rolling back the mileage on a digital odometer is illegal in most countries worldwide.

How do you know the odometer has been tampered with?

One of the biggest concerns for car buyers is whether or not the odometer has been tampered with. The odometer is a device that indicates the number of miles traveled by a vehicle, and it’s essential to know if it has been altered in any way. Tampering with an odometer can make a car appear to have fewer miles than it does, which can use to charge more money for the vehicle.

The most common way people tamper with odometers is by rolling back the mileage. It can be done by manually manipulating the numbers or using digital tools to reset them. Some unscrupulous sellers also replace the entire instrument cluster or remove fuses related to mileage tracking to hide actual usage.

Step 2

There are instances where changing the mileage may be necessary or desirable, such as when replacing faulty equipment or selling a car with low mileage. An electronic adjustment tool is one method of changing a car’s mileage. These devices connect to the vehicle’s OBD-II port and allow users to alter the readings displayed on the dashboard.

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While these tools were initially intended for use by mechanics and dealerships, they have become increasingly accessible to consumers in recent years. Using an electronic mileage adjustment tool comes with various risks and limitations. Many modern cars have digital odometers that are encrypted or otherwise protected from tampering.

 Step 3

Changing the mileage on a car is an illegal activity that can have serious consequences. Some individuals may be tempted to do so for various reasons, such as selling their car at a higher price or reducing their insurance costs. Changing the mileage on a vehicle can be challenging and requires technical knowledge. The Step in changing the mileage on your vehicle is to understand how GPS calculates the distance. 

GPS technology uses satellites to track your vehicle’s location and estimate its distance traveled accurately. This information is stored in your vehicle’s onboard computer system, which records the total miles driven. To change this number artificially, you must hack into and modify this system.
Tampering with your vehicle’s onboard computer system is illegal and can result in fines or imprisonment.

How to Change Mileage on a Car

Step 4

 It can deceive potential buyers about the vehicle’s actual use and even cause safety hazards. There are situations where you may need to adjust the mileage for legitimate reasons, such as correcting an inaccurate reading or replacing a faulty odometer. 

In this Paragraph, we will discuss 4th method of how to change mileage on a car safely and legally. One standard method that some may consider using for mileage adjustment is a mileage adjustment card.

These cards work by altering the electronic data stored in the vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to display a lower number than recorded in the odometer. It’s essential to note that this method only works for diesel cars and not gasoline vehicles due to their different engine types and data storage systems.

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Should I Buy a Car with a Reset Odometer

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a used car is its mileage. A car’s odometer reading tells you how many miles it has been driven, which can help you determine its overall condition and value. Some sellers may try to deceive buyers by resetting the odometer to make it appear like the car has fewer miles than it does. So, should you buy a car with a reset odometer?

The short answer is no. Resetting an odometer is illegal in most states and can be considered fraud. Even if the seller claims that the reset was accidental or due to a malfunction, there’s no way to know whether they’re telling the truth. Even if the car appears in good condition at first glance, hidden damage or wear and tear could lurk beneath the surface.


The legal and Sami legal Steps of  How to Change Mileage on a Car have been described above. These are precious for any driver. If you want to change the mileage on your car, there are a few things you can do: You can reset your odometer by turning off your car and back on. You can use an electronic adjustment tool is one method of changing a car’s mileage. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic and have them reset your mileage By GPS System. You can purchase a car with lower mileage than what is currently listed on your vehicle’s title.


How do I know my car’s mileage is accurate?

To determine your car’s true mileage.
One is to use the odometer reading.
To use the car’s computer system to track fuel economy and emissions data.
You can check your car’s service records to see if any recalls or maintenance have been done in the past.

How do I find out my car’s original miles?

The easiest way is to use a car odometer. You can track the miles on your car’s odometer by using the odometer reading tool on your smartphone or computer. The way to find out is to call your car’s manufacturer and ask them for a mileage report.

What is a reset odometer?

A reset odometer is a device that allows you to reset the time and date of your car.

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