How to Make Your Car Untowable | Some Methods Shared by Expert

If you’re a car owner, the last thing you want is for your car to be towed away. It’s not just inconvenient, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming. There are several things you can do to make your car Untowable. In this article, we’ll share with you some methods that have been recommended by experts on how to make your car Untowable.

How to Make Your Car Untowable

Having a car is no longer a luxury in the modern era; it’s now an essential part of daily life. The convenience and ease of transportation that comes with owning a car can’t be understated, especially for those who live in busy cities. Keeping your car safe and secure is vital, particularly during rush hour or when driving on busy roads. To ensure the safety of your vehicle’s safety:

  • Make it distinguishable from other cars on the road.
  • Add contact information visible from the outside to make your vehicle easily recognizable. This information should include your name and phone number or email address, so you can be quickly contacted if someone finds something wrong with your vehicle.
  • Consider adding an anti-theft device like a steering wheel lock or GPS tracking system to make it more challenging for thieves to take off with your ride.
How to Make Your Car Untowable

Sticker with your Name

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know if a particular spot is authorized for parking or not. You need to put a sticker with your name, business name, or cell phone number on the back windshield of your car. It will allow any passerby to contact you immediately if they see that your vehicle is in danger of being towed away.

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Please put a license plate number on both the front and back ends of your car so that towing companies can quickly identify it as yours and avoid taking it away mistakenly. If your car has dirt, streaks, or sticker residue on the windows, it can obstruct the view of important information, such as your license plate number or registration sticker. It can make it difficult for others to read and identify your vehicle, which could lead to unwanted consequences like getting towed.

One thing that many drivers overlook is the potential for vandalism or reckless driving in certain areas. If you park in a room with a high risk of damage, you risk having your car towed or impounded. (Read briefly about impounded) It can be incredibly frustrating and expensive.
Here are Some methods to Make Your Car Untowable.

Wheel Lock

Consider using a wheel lock if you want to make your car Untowable. This simple but effective method is commonly used in mall parking lots and can be easily installed on any vehicle. The wave consists of a metal bar that attaches to the wheel and a cable that locks onto the bar. Attach the line to the wheel and close it with a key when parked.
It makes it virtually impossible for anyone to tow your vehicle without unlocking the cable. 

One important thing to remember when using a wheel lock is never to park your car on the street, as this will make it vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Instead, opt for secure parking facilities such as garages or private driveways.
If you plan to leave your car unattended for an extended period, consider using additional security measures such as an alarm system or GPS tracking device.

Parked on Level Ground

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. It’s important to ensure that the tow truck driver can easily access your transmission without causing any damage to your vehicle. It is where wheel-lift towing comes in handy since your car’s wheels will be lifted off the ground, making it easier for the driver to get under and hook up. 

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A crucial aspect of towing is ensuring that your car won’t move before being attached securely by the tow truck. It might sound like common sense, but many drivers make this mistake and end up damaging their cars or even causing accidents on the road. Always ensure your vehicle is parked on level ground with its parking brake engaged before calling for a tow truck. 

Many drivers struggle with this issue, but the good news is that there is a quick and easy fix. If you don’t have an obvious escape route for your turn signal lock, we suggest simultaneously rotating the wheel and key clockwise. 

Using the lug Wrench

To get started, jack up your car, remove one of the wheels using the lug wrench, and turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove the bolt that holds the tire-and-wheel assembly. With the socket wrench, unscrew the entire body and remove it from your car. You’re ready to hit the road with your car attached to another vehicle!

How to Make Your Car Untowable

But what if you want to make your car Untowable again? No problem – reverse these steps by reattaching the tire-and-wheel assembly and tightening everything back up with your lug wrench. It’s that easy!

Find a Suitable Location

There is an effective solution – a Wheel Lock. This device locks onto one of your vehicle’s wheels, preventing it from being moved. Using a Wheel Lock is to find a suitable location to attach it. Look for something sturdy and immovable, such as a lamppost or fence post close enough to your vehicle for the Wheel Lock cable to reach.
Ensure your car is on level ground with all its wheels pointing in the same direction. It will ensure that the Wheel Lock can be attached properly and securely.

Stay far Away From the Curb

When parking your vehicle on the side of the road, it can be tempting to park as close to the curb as possible. But did you know this can put you at risk of getting towed or fined? The law usually requires cars to park at least 15 feet from stop lines and other parking markers. If you’re not careful, you could have a hefty ticket or an expensive towing bill. So why is it important to stay far away from the curb when parking your car?

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It helps ensure emergency vehicles and other drivers have enough room to pass safely without hitting your car. Staying farther away from the curb can help prevent damage to your tires and rims if there are any uneven parts of the road or debris in the area. If you’ve ever had to pay a hefty fine because your vehicle was getting pulled over and you could not move it, you know how frustrating and stressful this experience can be. 
It’s one of those situations that can quickly become a headache, especially if you’re unprepared for it. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the tow bar from my car?

Use a key or remote to release the tow bar from the vehicle’s connector. If a cable connects the tow bar, you may need to cut the cord and remove the tow bar.

How do I know if my car has a tow bar?

If your car has a tow bar, it will be listed on the vehicle identification number (VIN). If you cannot find the VIN, you can also look for a special ” Tow Vehicle” sticker in the window.

How do I know if my car is being towed?

 Check with your insurance company. They will likely have a record of the tow and the reason for it and find out to call your local police department and ask them. They will likely have a history of the tow and the vehicle’s owner.