How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience |7 Steps to Follow

This article will review how to become a truck driver without experience. Becoming a truck driver can be a great way to start your career, but it can be challenging to transition with some experience. Follow these 7 steps, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful truck driver in no time!  

These steps include learning about the industry and its requirements, getting your Class A CDL, and finding a good trucking company. Once you have all of that sorted out, it’s time to start training. Truck driving is a demanding profession, so make sure you’re prepared for the challenges ahead.

The Different Types of Trucks

 There are various types of trucks, each with unique requirements to become a driver. Whether you have experience driving or not, here’s what you need to know to get started:   

  • Vocational truck drivers (VTDs) are the most common type of truck driver. They typically have some driving experience and work for companies transporting goods within a specific region or across state lines.
  • Company truck drivers (CTDs) are the second most common type of truck driver. CTDs have more experience than VTDs and often work for larger companies with multiple trucks.   
  • Independent truckers (ITDs) are the rarest type of truck driver and require the most dedication and training.  

The Truck Driving Industry

 The truck driving industry is one of the most lucrative in the United States. With a median salary of over $41,000, it’s easy to see why many people want to become truck drivers. If you don’t have experience behind the wheel, you will likely need to get some before applying for a job with a commercial trucking company.   

There are several ways that you can get your driving experience. You can take online courses or classes offered by your local trucking company. You can also find Driving Schools that offer intensive programs that will give you the skills necessary to be a successful professional truck driver.   

 If taking classes or doing driving exercises isn’t an option, consider getting a CDL with Class A or B privileges.  

How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience  

How to Become a Truck Driver without Experience?  

Becoming a truck driver without experience can seem impossible, but the truth is that it’s entirely possible with the proper steps. The first step to becoming a truck driver is to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This license allows you to legally operate a commercial vehicle such as a tractor-trailer or dump truck. You can obtain your CDL by enrolling in a driving school or taking courses at a community college. 

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Once you have your CDL, you’ll need to gain some practical experience before finding employment as a truck driver. One way to do this is by working as an apprentice with an experienced trucker who can teach you the ropes of the industry. Some companies offer on-the-job training programs for new drivers, which allow them to gain valuable experience while earning money. Follow these steps to learn how to become a truck driver without expertise.

Start researching

Research your state’s requirements for obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Each state has different rules and regulations for getting your CDL. You might need to take classes or pass specific tests before being able to obtain your CDL.  

Investigate schools that offer training programs for aspiring truck drivers. These programs usually last several weeks, including classroom education and hands-on driving practice. 

Education Requirements:  

A Class, A commercial driver’s license, is one of the essential qualifications for a truck driver. This license is required to operate large commercial trucks on public roads. Other required qualifications include good driving records, proper training and experience, and a valid vehicle registration.  

Some companies also require their drivers to have particular skills, such as knowledge of highway safety guidelines or trucking routes. Employers may also require certification from relevant organizations like the American Trucking Association (ATA). 

Max out your CDL:  

Research different CDL training programs in your area. Many schools offer training courses to help those without experience get their CDL. These programs will give you hands-on experience with driving techniques and teach you everything from safety regulations to vehicle maintenance. Some companies even offer tuition reimbursement or sign-on bonuses for drivers who complete these courses. 

 Max out your endorsements:  

Now research the types of endorsements available and decide which ones align with your interests and career goals. For example, you’ll need a hazmat endorsement to transport hazardous materials. Consider getting a combination endorsement if you drive double or triple trailers. Once you’ve decided which endorsements to pursue, find a reputable CDL training program. 

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Be honest

One way to become a truck driver without experience is to attend a reputable truck driving school. These schools offer hands-on training and certifications to help you secure employment quickly. Another way is to start as an apprentice or trainee with a company willing to provide on-the-job training. This will allow you to learn from experienced drivers while earning money for your hard work. 

 Be optimistic

One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a truck driver is that you need years of experience to be considered for the job. Many companies offer comprehensive training programs that provide aspiring drivers with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel. Some companies even offer paid CDL training programs that allow new drivers to earn while they learn. 

Where Should I Apply?  

Before applying, you must know how to become a Truck Driver without Experience. One option is to start by researching trucking companies online. Look for those that offer training programs or hire new drivers without experience. You can also check job boards and classified ads for entry-level driving positions. 

Another approach is to consider working with a staffing agency specializing in transportation jobs. These agencies can help match you with hiring companies and provide additional support during your job search process. They may have access to exclusive job openings that aren’t advertised elsewhere. 

Is it tough to become a truck driver? 

One of the most popular ways to gain these qualifications is to attend a commercial driving school or CDL training program. These programs offer comprehensive training on operating and maintaining large vehicles like trucks. They also provide plenty of hands-on experience behind the wheel, so aspiring drivers feel confident when they hit the road. 

Another option for those looking to become truck drivers without experience is through apprenticeship programs. These programs typically last six months and two years and involve working under an experienced driver’s guidance while completing classroom-based learning modules. 

How much can truck drivers make? 

The answer to that question depends on several factors, including experience, type of Driving, and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers was $45,260 in May 2019. This number can vary greatly depending on where you live and work. 

For example, truck drivers in Alaska earn some of the highest salaries, with a median annual wage of $56,250, while those in West Virginia earn closer to $38,000 per year. 

how to become a truck driver without experience

 Do trucking companies hire older drivers? 

One of the reasons why trucking companies like to hire older drivers is their experience and reliability. As we age, we tend to become more responsible and careful in our decision-making process. How to become a truck driver without experience. This translates into safer driving habits and fewer accidents on the road. Older drivers often have years of experience operating different types of vehicles, which makes them valuable assets to any trucking company. 

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Another advantage that older drivers have is their work ethic. They understand the importance of punctuality and responsibility in the workplace, which are crucial qualities for anyone in the transportation industry. 

What are the benefits of becoming a truck driver?

Following are the benefits of becoming a truck driver

  • The program will teach you all the necessary skills and techniques to become a successful truck driver.
  • The program is designed for people who are interested in becoming professional drivers but do not have any previous experience.
  • It offers a variety of courses that will teach you everything you need to be a successful truck driver.
  • Our program has many advantages for those who want to become professional truck drivers.
  • We provide our students with the necessary training and education to prepare them for the challenging job market.
  • Our program is also affordable and easy to enroll in.


You can do a few things if you want how to become a truck driver without experience. Find an experienced truck driver to shadow for a few months. Attend a truck driving school that offers online or on-the-job training. Find a reputable carrier to hire you as a provisional driver. Pass the DOT practical skills test and obtain your CDL. 

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How much money do I need to start driving a truck?

You’ll need to complete professional training at a truck driving school for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) required to operate most trucks. The cost of CDL training can vary depending on the program but typically ranges from $3,000 to $7,000.

What kind of truck do I need to drive?

Consider how much weight you’ll be carrying and towing. If you plan to haul heavy loads, a full-size pickup with a strong engine and tow package may be necessary. For lighter loads, a midsize or compact pickup may suffice. Think about where you’ll be driving your truck.
Look for models with four-wheel drive and high ground clearance for off-road adventures. If it’s primarily for city driving or commuting, prioritize fuel efficiency and ease of maneuverability over off-road capabilities.

How many hours a week do I need to be a truck driver?

If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver but don’t have any experience yet, there are several steps you can take to get started. Research schools or programs in your area that offer commercial driver’s license (CDL) training. These programs will teach you all the skills and knowledge necessary to become a safe and successful truck driver.
Once you’ve completed your training program and obtained your CDL, start looking for entry-level Driving jobs. Many companies offer positions specifically for new drivers with little or no experience.