Can You Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla | Here is the Right Data?

Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) is a leading electric car manufacturer and provider of sustainable transportation services. Tesla has announced that it will begin selling its all-electric semi-truck, the Tesla Semi, starting in 2020. The company plans to use the semi-truck as a delivery vehicle and create a large portion of its sales from this venture Tesla’s limited warranty does not cover the installation of aftermarket wheels. This article will explain the question Can you Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla with detailed steps.

How to Choose the Best Aftermarket Wheels for Your Tesla?

As a Tesla owner, upgrading your car’s wheels can dramatically enhance both its performance and appearance. With the abundance of aftermarket wheel options, choosing the best one for your Tesla can be challenging. To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when selecting the best aftermarket wheels for your Tesla.

Bolt Design

crucial factor to consider when selecting an aftermarket wheel for your Tesla is its bolt design. The bolt pattern determines how the wheel will fit onto your car’s hub assembly. It is essential to choose a wheel with a bolt pattern that matches that of your Tesla’s hub assembly; otherwise, it won’t fit properly or could cause damage to both the wheel and the vehicle. You can easily determine your car’s bolt pattern by checking its owner’s manual or contacting a professional mechanic.

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Wheel Dimension

One of the critical factors you need to consider when choosing an aftermarket wheel is its dimensions. The wheels’ size, width, and offset play an essential role in how they will perform on your Tesla.

Can You Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

Wheel dimensions are measured in inches and are typically represented as diameter x width x offset. The diameter refers to the size of the wheel’s rim, while the width represents how wide it is from side to side. Offset measures how far out or inwards a wheel sits concerning its mounting face. Choosing a wheel with appropriate dimensions that match your Tesla’s original specifications is crucial.


set refers to the distance between the wheel hub mounting surface and the wheel’s centre line. It is crucial in determining how your Tesla will handle straightaways and curves. Choosing an offset that is too high or low can negatively affect your vehicle’s handling and cause uneven tire wear. You must select an offset that matches your vehicle’s specifications. There are several other factors to consider when selecting aftermarket wheels for your Tesla.

Can You Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

Tire Dimension

When selecting aftermarket wheels for your Tesla, you must ensure that they match the factory specifications or choose an alternative that won’t affect your car’s handling, braking, or acceleration. The tire aspect ratio should also be considered, as it affects the distance between the wheel rim and tire tread. This distance can impact your ride’s comfort and smoothness on different surfaces. You can find these specs in various places, like inside the driver’s door jamb or the owner’s manual.

Another essential consideration when choosing aftermarket wheels is understanding how they might impact Tesla’s range capabilities.

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Can you put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla?

Can You Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

If you’re a Tesla owner looking to add more personality to your ride, you may wonder if putting aftermarket wheels on your vehicle is possible. The good news is that plenty of options are available for those who want to switch up their style. Here are some things to consider when exploring this option.

Sportline Wheels.

They offer a variety of styles and sizes to fit different models and preferences. Made from high-quality materials, Sportline Wheels are designed to look great and provide improved performance on the road. Other options for aftermarket wheels on Tesla include brands like TSW, Vorst Einer, and HRE Performance Wheels. It’s important to note that when choosing aftermarket wheels, it’s essential to ensure that they are compatible with your specific model and size requirements.

Can You Put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla

Wheel by Forge Star

Forge Star is a well-known brand among car enthusiasts who want high-quality custom wheels for their vehicles. They specialize in creating lightweight and durable rims that can improve your car’s performance and aesthetics. For Tesla owners, Forge Star offers several wheel designs that fit models such as Model S, Model X, and Model 3. These designs include classic five-spoke styles and more modern split-five-spoke patterns in various finishes like matte black or silver.

Cutting-Edge Wheels

With Tesla’s unique wheel design, there are still options available for those who want something more cutting-edge. Before making any changes to your vehicle’s wheels, it’s essential to understand what’s possible and what isn’t.

Let’s address whether or not you can put aftermarket wheels on a Tesla. The answer is yes! Plenty of options exist for Tesla owners who want something different from their factory-fitted wheels. It’s important to remember that not all aftermarket wheels will fit perfectly onto your Tesla model without modifications. So be sure to research beforehand and consult experts if you need clarification on compatibility issues.

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Can I add wheels to the Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars in the automobile industry. It’s known for its sleek design, high-tech features, and eco-friendly operation. Some Tesla enthusiasts wonder if adding wheels to this remarkable car is possible.

The answer is yes, you can add wheels to a Tesla Model 3. There are numerous aftermarket wheel manufacturers that offer custom designs for Tesla vehicles, including the Model 3. These wheels come in various sizes and styles to fit your preferences and driving needs. Adding new wheels can enhance your vehicle’s performance by providing better traction and stability on the road. It’s essential to note that installing aftermarket wheels can negatively impact certain aspects of your Tesla Model 3’s performance if done correctly and with appropriate consideration.


In the above paragraphs, we have discussed different steps that help us know if you can put Aftermarket Wheels on a Tesla. If you are considering purchasing aftermarket wheels for your Tesla, there are a few things to remember. Make sure that the wheels you select are of high quality and meet or exceed the benchmarks set by Tesla. Make sure to inspect the wheel before purchase to ensure that it is complete and in good condition. Be sure to follow through with your order and ensure that all process aspects are completed properly.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you put Aftermarket wheels on a Tesla?

Yes, you can put aftermarket wheels on a Tesla. Ensuring the wheel set you choose is compatible with Tesla’s frame and tire specifications is important.

What Makes Tesla Tires Unique?

Tesla tires are unique because they are made from a new type of rubber called “ceramic.” Ceramics is a harder and more durable rubber than other rubber types, making them ideal for high-performance vehicles.